Client Case Study


Out client is a consulting agency that provides services to child and adult care centers. They've been in business for 20+ years!

For most of their time in business, our client relied on inbound leads and a strong partnership. After splitting ways with their primary referral partner, business dropped significantly. And now they needed a way to drive business from cold outreach and have a repeatable, scalable sales process to get back to their old numbers.


In terms of sales, outreach was a vital step in their buyer’s journey. We worked alongside the team and revamped their entire process, starting from the ground up. After redefining their buyer personas, we were able to build entirely new outbound campaigns that catered to the needs of their ideal customers. We advised them on their sales meeting framework by creating guidelines for running their meetings, presentations, negotiating, and pricing. After pinpointing their needs and goals, we were able to construct an improved hiring process as well. With our help, they were able to hire their first sales development representative and set up guidelines for their onboarding and training processes.


The implementation of our processes and the hard work from the team have yielded significant results. Average amount of outbound meetings per week has increased from less than 1 a month, to 3~4 meetings per week.

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